How to obtain a Firearms Licence

The following steps will guide you through the process;

Firearms licence category A & B

Step 1.
You will need to provide a genuine reason to obtain a Category A&B Firearms Licence.  By becoming a Member of S.S.A.A. you can list your genuine reason as Sports & Target Shooting and Recreation & Hunting.  The S.S.A.A. is an approved body prescribed under the law.  You can now join online by visiting:  Please contact your local  S.S.A.A. branch for any assistance required.

Step 2. 
Contact your nearest S.S.A.A. Safety Course Instructor and book in for a 30989QLD A/B Firearms Safety Course. 
(This website for Instructors in the Cairns District or the State Office can assist you to contact a S.S.A.A. Safety Course Instructor in your area). 
All S.S.A.A. (QLD) Inc. Instructors have attained the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Step 3 . 
When you have successfully completed your Safety Course you will be mailed a Statement of Attainment (SOA).   This is proof that you have successfully completed the Safety Course.  A copy of this will be required when applying for your licence.  While you are waiting for your SOA to arrive, we suggest you have 2 digital passport size photos taken as these will also need to be supplied with your application. 

Step 4.
Visit the Queensland Police Weapons Licensing website and submit a new Firearms Licence Application online.  Alternatively, you can go to the nearest police station and submit a paper application, but this will take much longer to process.

Step 5.
When your licence arrives, you can decide which firearm/s best suits your needs.  Different types, or disciplines, of shooting require different types of firearms.   We suggest you try all the different disciplines that your club has to offer then decide on the type of firearm you require - don't make a hasty decision.  When you have decided what you want, visit or contact your preferred gun shop or dealer for advice.

Step 6.
Enjoy Your Sport





Handgun Licence (Concealable Cat H)

Step 1. 
The process of applying for a Handgun Licence (Concealable Cat H) is different to the process of applying for a (Cat A/B) long arms firearms licence.  
You will need to become a member of a 'Pistol Section' of an S.S.A.A. branch or member of another 'Approved Pistol Shooting Club'.  
Most S.S.A.A. branches are also "Approved Pistol Shooting Clubs. 
Prior to joining a pistol shooting club, those without a current firearms licence, must submit a Form QP-515  'Application for Statement of Eligibility to Join an Approved Pistol Shooting Club', at the nearest police station.  
Weapons Licensing Branch will then process the form and send you back an authorisation letter. 

Step 2. 
When the authorisation letter arrives, you can then join the Pistol Section of a branch. The branch will advise you on what else is required. After joining, you must complete a probation period of 6 months.  During that time you must attend a minimum of 3 Branch Competition Shoots.  These shoots will be recorded on your Participation Record Card (QP-516) that the branch will issue you upon joining. 
At any time during the 6 months you can complete a 10618NAT (Cat H) Firearms Safety Course.
When you have completed your 6 months probation period, you can then apply for your Concealable Firearms Licence. 

Step 3.Applying for your licence:

Visit the Queensland Police Weapons Licensing website to submit a new Concealable Firearms Licence application online.
Additional licence application documents include:

  • Current passport-quality photograph.
  • Proof of address.
  • Current declaration (QP518A) by the authorised representative of the approved pistol club, stating the applicant has:
  •  Current financial membership with the club, been a member of the pistol club for the 6 month period and participated in a least 3  competitions during the 6 months.
  • A copy of your 10618NAT Firearms Safety Course (Category H) Statement of Attainment. 
  • A copy of your QP-516 Pistol Club Shooters Participation Card.
  • Payment of prescribed license fees.

After you have submitted your application, it will be processed after 28 days. So please have patience. 

Step 4.
Enjoy your sport.